About Us

Nationwide Hire Ltd was founded in 1995 by Howard Piper in response to increased demand by shopfitters for help with hire in different and unfamiliar locations. The help that shopfitters needed was for any hire and this included tools, waste, powered access, and accommodation.

From the very beginning Nationwide Hire was obsessive about customer service and did everything to make sure that, no matter what, the shopfitters would have what they wanted, where they needed it and on time.

Nationwide Hire Ltd has grown since then to a £17m company with 70 staff, a supply chain of over 1,200 suppliers and access to over 9,000 locations around the UK and Ireland. We have also provided our high quality services for UK companies in Europe.

We can always fulfill your order – because we have no stock!

We deliver 100s of same day orders a week and are happy to take last minute orders.

We guarantee off-hires.

We provide expert advice in all product categories.

Combine this with the systems we have developed to manage quality and reliability, you can see why customers entrust us with around one million hire days per year.

With a Net Promoter Score of 83, which is “World Class” and the highest in the industry for customer satisfaction you can see why customers have stayed with us for over 20 years.

How Nationwide Hire Works

We’re not restricted by stock, resources, or geography. Our overriding goal is to keep your business moving – whatever the challenge.

We do that by taking responsibility. We solve your problem so you don’t have to. The equipment is part of the solution, but we know how to avoid problems as well as fix them. That’s why customers have been coming back for decades.

What Nationwide Hire Does

By actively maintaining a supplier network of over 9,000 UK locations with access to over 5 million products, we make hundreds of same-day deliveries every week turning sceptical procurement teams, stressed site managers and frustrated buyers with immediate operational needs into happy customers.

Major plant and machinery, equipment and tools, specialist services and skills. Nationwide Hire helps maintain business momentum for every type of customer. Construction, Facilities Management, Events, Waste Management – whatever the situation, we keep your business moving; we get it sorted.

Why Use Nationwide Hire

Without momentum, your business grinds to a halt.
In commercial terms, that’s unthinkable. To avoid major disruptions and delays, you need things to work. Plant, equipment, services – you need them all functioning, in the right place, at the right time. Because when things aren’t working together, your entire business momentum is broken.

At Nationwide Hire, we move businesses forward when no one else can. We move projects forward when no one else cares. When those difficult situations arise, Nationwide Hire keeps supporting you until everything’s sorted.


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