Shipping Containers

Shipping containers provide a tough steel construction solution to your storage needs in a range of different sizes. Traditionally 6m long, 2.4m wide and 2.6m tall we can also provide High Cube containers to give you extra head room or Double length containers to accommodate large loads. The doors are secured with waist high locking bars and a high security lock box that shrouds the padlock and protects the container from forced entry. Mass produced and designed for the harsh marine environment, shipping containers are an extremely cost effective and secure option for your storage requirements.

Anti Vandal Stores

As the name suggests, anti vandal stores will offer an even greater degree of security compared to standard shipping containers. Of robust construction, these units have an integral locking mechanism that secures top and bottom as well as the hinged area of each door. No padlocks required. They are available in 6m, 7m, 9m, 10m and 12m lengths and can be stacked above to make essential use of limited space.


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