We provide short notice temporary heating and cooling solutions for Residential, Hospitality and Leisure, Commercial, Retail and Industrial environments.

Our solutions include all types of heating, ambient cooling, refrigeration and freezers.

We also guarantee off-hire and manage this tightly to ensure you don’t have temporary heaters that become permanent.

We will keep your environments and people warm. We will help you and your food products keep cool.

And when things just break-down we sort you out until you get the problem fixed permanently.

How It Works

We leverage a very broad Supply Chain that delivers through 9,000 depots across all parts of the UK, Ireland and into Europe.

We have expert staff with over 20 years of experience and knowledge across all aspects of heating and cooling solutions.

We understand the importance of specifying the right temporary solution depending on your power, ventilation and environmental criteria.

We manage the hire to make sure you don’t have the equipment any longer than you need.

Our expert staff make sure that your needs are sorted.