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Chemical & Hazardous Waste

In Chemical & Hazardous Waste

Nationwide Hire is experienced in handling both hazardous and difficult waste streams whether is it chemical or other hazardous waste or those with specific compliance schemes such as batteries, WEEE or Fluorescent light tubes.

Working from WAC tests, every solution is fully compliant and bespoke to you and your waste streams.

We make managing your chemical & hazardous waste disposal as easy as possible, which is why our customers have been recommending us since 1995 and giving us a world class NPS score of 75.

Whether you’re looking for asbestos removalspill responseoils, resin, paint & thinners removal or intermediate bulk containers (IBCS) we’ll get it sorted.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver 100% UK postcode coverage same day with an on time KPI record of 98%.

Setting up an account with us has become even easier. Use our online form or call/email us and one of our experts can help advise and assist you.

In Chemical & Hazardous Waste

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We can advise on all aspects of handling hazardous or difficult waste streams.

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Spill Response

Emergency response spill control is hopefully something that you never need to rely on but if a situation occurs that requires your waste partner to be fast out of the blocks then Nationwide Hire are ready to go. 

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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Difficult or hazardous waste may have special containment requirements to ensure that the waste does not escape from your control.

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Chemical Waste

With our network of specialist waste companies, we are experienced in handling chemical waste safely and with full compliance.

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Oils, Resins, Paints & Thinners

Many small everyday items fall within the hazardous waste regulations when considering their disposal. Resin, Aerosols and Paints all need careful handling in order to conform with current legislation.

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Hazardous Packaging

Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste (2015) Technical Guidance WM3.

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How Nationwide Hire Works

We do that by taking responsibility. We solve your problem so you don’t have to. The equipment and supplies are part of the solution, but we know how to avoid problems as well as fix them. That’s why customers have been coming back to us for over a decade.

The equipment and supplies are part of the solution, but we know how to avoid problems as well as fix them. That’s why customers have been coming back to us for over a decade.

By actively maintaining a supplier network of over 9,000 UK delivery locations with access to over 5 million products, we make hundreds of same-day deliveries every week turning stressed Crisis and Emergency Support Managers and sceptical buyers with immediate operational needs into people who can rely on our delivery and focus on the emergency at hand.

Safety equipment, gas detection, confined space escape kits, imaging cameras. specialist services and skills. Nationwide Hire helps maintain Crisis Support momentum for every type of situation. Whatever the situation, we will keep your Crisis Support moving, we get it sorted.

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