Site Accommodation

Nationwide Hire are the UK’s best in emergency and managed hire services, with a network of thousands of suppliers right across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

We make managing your hires as easy as possible. This is why our customers have been recommending us since 1995 and giving us a world class NPS score of 75.

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Anti vandal offices are built of a tough steel construction with steel window shutters and forced entry proof doors. Office layouts are flexible so just tell us what you want and we’ll make sure you get it. We can partition an office in two, create a corridor or stack offices over other units to save space. Fitted with electric heating and lighting and complete with power sockets and vynal floors, these offices are ready to inhabit within 5 minutes of delivery. Sizes range from 3m to 12m in length with a ceiling height of 2.1m.


Our canteen facilities are also bespoke to your requirements. A kitchen area with cooking and food storage facilities can be added to the complementary canteen tables & chairs that come as standard. 3m, 6m, 7m, 10m and 12m options are available and we can tailor the equipment within these to your taste too. Maybe a combination unit that features a drying/changing area with the canteen facilities is more suitable. As always, you’re in charge. We just match your requirements.

Drying Rooms

When the great British weather conspires against us, our workforce just want to be warm and dry. Our drying rooms can feature heaters, lockers and bench seats to ensure that we can all change in to something more comfortable and get out of the rain. As always we provide these units in a variety of sizes to suit all workforces and their adaptability means we can partition and combine almost any configuration needed.

Sleeping Units

Portable sleeping units are available to provide all the comfort and amenities needed to ensure a good night’s sleep. Comfort is paramount which is why these insulated, double glazed and temperature controlled units can also be fitted with personal storage space and can be supplemented with bedding and linen packages.

On Site Showers

Our on-site shower blocks are delivered ready to be connected to the mains water and drainage supply. Shared as well as separate shower cubicles provide a level of privacy and water heaters ensure a constant stream of hot water. A range of towable single and double shower units are also available as well as decontamination units. Good quality, clean washing facilities make life away from home more bearable and here at Nationwide hire we understand this and want to make your experience as positive as possible.

Security Huts

Our small anti vandal offices can be used as on site security huts. Used at the entry gate, the security guard has an warm, dry, safe environment in which to administer the flow of traffic on to and out of your site. Flexibility is the key to ensuring that all of our customers are offered a workable solution to their hire enquiry and access to the largest potential hire fleet in the country allows Nationwide hire to find the very best solution to every need.